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    Literatee was developed out of our love for literature.

    We are a family of avid readers who have a deep love for books and the power of words. We understand that books inspire and educate, they transform and mold, and they open the mind and free the spirit. They are, as Stephen King so deftly put it, "portable magic".

    When we started, our plan was to have a place where the people who love books (or the people who love them) can find products that celebrate reading, writing, and books. Although we understand the irresistible pull that books can have, not everyone feels the same attraction, our wish is to find a way to encourage kids and adults to pick up a book and READ! The first items we wanted to use to promote this message were t-shirts. Hence the name, it really is not a misspelling.

    To date there are plenty of places online for people who love books to meet, talk, and share. There are blogs, forums, and sites where you can promote your libraries, download books, etc. We wanted to create a way to let other people who feel the same as we do, recognize another kindred spirit when out in public and perhaps have a real conversation about something they have in common, the love of books. Our shirts and other products will do just that; advertising through quotes and graphic images their (or your bibliophiles) love of books.

    In addition to t-shirts, we also offer coffee mugs, tote bags, and wall art, and more. As we grow, we hope to offer a wider variety of gifts for the avid reader or writer as well as a variety of shirts with custom art, quotes and even the option of custom shirts designed for you by you.